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Volunteer Work Bond


The FRB work bond is a mandatory fee that is charged to parents of FRB players at the time of registration. The purpose of this fee is to encourage parents to volunteer and help maintain the program.


Why is it necessary for FRB to have a Work Bond Program?

In order to get the assistance necessary to run the league successfully without over imposing on our members' time, as well as to remain sensitive to the increasing costs of youth athletics. The FRB Work Bond program was instituted in 2007. This type of Work Bond is consistent with other youth sports organizations in our area.

What is the Work Bond?

A $50 Work Bond is included in the registration fee. If you choose to volunteer 5 hours of your time to FRB, your $50 will be refunded at the end of the season. If you do not intend to volunteer for work hours, you may indicate this on your registration form by selecting "Opt Out of Work Bond Option" and forgo the 5 hours. If you do not volunteer 5 hours by the end of the season the $50 will not be refunded. These "opt-out" fees will be used to fund the workers needed for our season to run smoothly. Those who do not check the box will be notified about signing up for volunteer hours.

What are the required number of Volunteer Hours?

Families with one child in the league would need to provide 5 hours of volunteer service, while families with two or more children participating would be required to provide 10 hours of volunteer service.

What jobs can I do to complete my Volunteer Hours?

There are many tasks involved in helping FRB run smoothly. Some of the activities and tasks we need volunteers for are: Pre-season field workdays, Snack Bar Managers, Snack Bar workers, Opening Day volunteers, FRB Tournament workers, Field and Complex maintenance, Garbage detail and bathroom cleaning. Our volunteer committee will post information on the signup days on the FRB website.

Does being a Head Coach count towards my Volunteer Hours?

Head Coaching does not count towards Volunteer Hours. The Board wants what’s best for the kids – qualified coaches that are on the bench for all the right reasons. The concern when the work bond was instituted a few years ago was that the potential existed for parents to volunteer simply to meet the work bond requirement, rather than to provide good leadership and instruction to the players on the team. After much deliberation, the FRB Board adopted the position that coaching is a "privilege" that would be kept separate and distinct from the volunteerism mandated by the Work Bond.

How will I receive credit for my Volunteer Hours?

Volunteers will need to have a signoff by the Board Member on Duty to ensure they receive proper credit for their work hours. This sign in is necessary to insure that all hours have been worked. The volunteer committee will record the total hours per family. Once a family has met their requirement a refund check for $50 will be issued to the family.

Any questions regarding the Work Bond can be directed to [email protected]

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