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Coaches Information (UPDATED March 2021)

NOTICE: Rutgers SAFETY Course to be held at FRB Complex on Thursday, April 8, 2021 at 6pm.  Click here for details.

Coaches Code of Conduct
FRB exists because of the many volunteer coaches throughout the program.  The success of the league and the positive experience gained by the children is direct related to the quality of our coaches.  We appreciate the contribution that each coach can provide and we also expect our coaches to provide an example for the children.  The safety and well-being of the kids is paramount.  To this end, FRB has a Coaches Code of Conduct to which we expect each coach to adhere.

Coaches Background Check Process (UPDATED March 2021 to comply with Babe Ruth League charter)
As required by the state of NJ and local regulation, coaches must have a current background check clearance and Rutgers SAFETY course completion in order to volunteer as a youth coach.  IMPORTANT: In 2021, Babe Ruth League released updated national rule changes requiring that all managers, coaches, and league board members, as well as any person who has consistent & direct contact with players through league sanctioned activities, must have a National Verified Background Check and Abuse Prevention Training completed and approved through Babe Ruth League, Inc. every 2 years.  More specifically, the Babe Ruth League rule change requires chartered leagues, such as FRB, to use NCSI SportsEngine platform for ALL background checks and abuse prevention training. 

Accordingly, ALL 2021 volunteer coaches and FRB Board Members must complete the background check and abuse training process through the NCSI SportsEngine Platform.  This includes coaches with current background checks completed within the last 3 years via the old IdentoGO system.   No exceptions -- you will not be allowed to coach without completion and certification. 

To alleviate the burden of this new process, the FRB Board has elected to proactively cover the cost ($25.50) of the process for all 2021 coaches.  All coaches registered in the FRB system should receive an email from the FRB Board with the following instructions along with a prepaid code covering the cost of the background check and abuse prevention training.  

Background Check and Abuse Prevention Training Process:
(1) Go to Babe Ruth League's background screening registration page;
(2) Create an account;
(3) Complete the background check registration process using  the prepaid code provided by FRB to cover the cost;
(4) At the end of the background screening registration, you will be provided with a link to continue on to the required Abuse
Prevention Training (you will also receive an email from SportsEngine with this link).  Complete the training.
(5) FRB will receive updated reports directly from Babe Ruth League regarding completion status for all coaches.

Rutgers SAFETY Course
In addition, each coach is required to attend the Rutgers Safety Course. This course is typically offered by FRB prior to the start of the spring rec season but can also be taken through other youth sports organizations in the area.  The course schedule can be found here. This course only needs to be completed once and will cover a coach for all the years in the FRB program. 

Concussion Protocol and Resources for Coaches
As part of FRB’s efforts to ensure the safety of all players we are requiring all HEAD coaches to complete a free, online concussion training course, Heads-Up Coaches.  All assistant coaches are also encouraged to take this training.  All coaches should read and review the Heads Up Protocol and Coaches Action Plan and NJ State Concussion Law for school sports.  Although not specifically addressed in this act, youth athletic activities are encouraged to follow the guidance in the act.  Additional information can be found on the CDC Heads up Web Site and Concussion Fact Sheet for coaches and parents.

Additional Coaches Resources:

Baseball Drills, Workouts and Training Information

FRB Recommended Practice Drills baseball drills


Quick Reference Tips for New Coaches ("I have a team....what do I do now?!)

) Contact your team right away. Introduce yourself to parents and notify them of the first meeting time for your team.  Communication is paramount in all aspects -- most of the issues we see with coaches are due to lack of effective communication with players, parents, other coaches, and with the Board.  

b) Familiarize yourself with the FRB website, particularly with the team pages and schedule.  Download the GameChanger Team Manager app to your phone.  The  Team Manager app works with the FRB website and allows easy review of the schedule as well as simple communication with your team via chat and email.  It even has scorekeeping functionality.
c) Make a roster for distribution to your team including phone numbers and parent’s names.  
d) Send out a schedule including important dates such as opening day, pictures, and volunteer workdays 
e) Have a team meeting at the first practice to introduce yourself to parents. 

1. Review the age appropriate guidelines
2. Review equipment requirements. Each player must have his/her own glove, bat, and helmet due to Covid safety protocols. Cleats are optional.
3. Review FRB inclement weather process (email blast, social media)

f) Contact your team sponsor and thank them for their support. Be sure to provide them with the team plaque at the end of the season.

Questions regarding background checks, abuse training, Rutgers SAFETY training, or any other coaches issues can be directed to  Kevin Syryca or
Ryan Flandro

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