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Rec Program

Summer 2020 Youth Development League Baseball: 

Baseball is (finally) back! The FRB Board is excited to announce the FRB Summer Youth Development League -- a shortened 5-week Summer Rec season for 5-8 year-olds only (Bambino and Rookie levels) starting on Saturday, July 18thRegistration is now OPEN!

FRB Summer Youth Development League
REGISTER HERE (Registration Deadline: Monday, July 13th)
FOR: Kids ages 5-8 based on age as of April 30, 2020
DATES: Sat July 18 - Sat Aug 22
 2 Games/Practices per week (10-11 sessions)
WHEN: Wednesday evenings (Lenape) and Saturday mornings (FRB)
COST: $100 (Payment due upon registration.) 

We understand that there will be some questions regarding why participation is limited to the younger players. The decision to not to include the older levels was a difficult one. Among other factors, the age limitation is due to limitations on field availability and umpires in July-August. Summer is travel baseball season and this year, FRB has 7 travel teams practicing and playing games at the FRB facility. We simply do not have enough fields to accommodate everything, even with use of the fields at Lenape. FRB remains a "REC FIRST" organization, but also cannot purposefully handicap our travel program during July/August. Fortunately, we are still planning to hold our regular Fall Ball season starting in September, which will be open to all the age levels of the prior spring, giving those born between 4/30/2007-4/30/2008 another chance to play in the FRB rec program.

FRB's fundamental objective, even in these difficult times, is to provide a safe, fun, affordable environment for our youth to play the game of baseball. Obviously, SAFETY is paramount this summer. Please read FRB's COVID-19 safety measures HERE. See NJ DOH Guidelines HERE.

 "When you come to a fork in the road, take it." -Yogi Berra. 

Bambino (5-6 years old): The focus is on introducing and developing the core fundamental baseball skills.  The players will also begin to learn the various positions on the field and begin to play simulated games with coach pitch.

Rookies (7-8 years old):  Players are introduced to the rules of the game and begin playing games where player pitching and catching are introduced. The focus is on the development of hitting, throwing and catching skills.

2020 Age Eligibility Chart


Birth Date Range



5/1/2011 - 4/30/2013



5/1/2013 - 4/30/2015



These guidelines are provided to give parents, coaches, and players the framework for participation at this level. The Bambino and Rookie leagues of Flemington Raritan Baseball (FRB) serve 5, 6, 7, and 8 year old children in the community. See FRB Ground Rules for the Division Specific exceptions.

Safety & Conduct

This applies to all Divisions

1.        All catchers must wear a helmet, mask, shin guards, chest protector, and cup. Note: Catching is not introduced until the Rookie level.

2.        Bambino use “soft” safety balls only.

3.        All batters, base runners, and “on-deck” batter(s) practicing, in the field of play, or warming up, must wear helmets. If the child has a bat in their hands, they must have a helmet on. During games, only one on deck batter should have a bat in their hands.

4.        Metal cleats are not permitted. Rubber cleats are optional.

5.        No sunglasses are allowed unless prescription and properly secured. Sport goggles are recommended.

6.        Jewelry is not permitted.

7.        All players must remain on the bench, except “on-deck” batter(s) or as otherwise directed by a coach.

8.        It is recommended that coaches and/or assistant coaches attend any league sponsored coaching clinics.

9.        Any coach or player using profanity will be ejected from the game and face possible suspension.

10.     Yelling and raising your voice is not an effective teaching technique. Coaches who yell at children will be warned and potentially removed from the game and face possible suspension.

11.     Try to live by the 5:1 rule of positive comments to constructive points.

12.     It is the responsibility of each coach to have the team clean up the field and bench area after each practice or game.

13.     Player pitchers should stand no more than 6 feet in front of the mound for their safety. 

14.     A parent or designated guardian must be present at all sessions for Bambino, & Rookies levels.


Teaching Objectives for players at this level should include:

1.        Proper fielding position stressing tripod position

2.        Proper throwing techniques stressing arm position and footwork

3.        Proper hitting stance stressing feet, hands and bat position using tee, soft toss and coach pitch.

4.        Introduction to infield positions

5.        Introduction to game scenarios stressing infield throws to first base

6.        Knowledge of first base foot work

7.        Base running: Running through 1st base on ground balls.

Game Playing 

1.        Infielders will be limited to 5 players (no Catcher).   All infield positions will be covered. The remaining players will participate in drills and / or play the outfield.  No players should sit out. Depending on how many players/coaches are present, drills are strongly encouraged for the non-infield players.

2.        There will be no “building walls” in the infield. All non-infield players must be on the grass and cannot record a putout at a base, only an assist. 

3.        Two fielding coaches will be allowed on the field during the game. Coaches in the field will be considered part of the playing field and if hit by a batted ball, the ball remains in play.

4.        Players may hit off a tee at any time. When using the tee, the player may have as many swings as necessary to hit the ball. When a coach is pitching, the player may have up to five (5) swings to hit the ball. After five (5) misses, the tee must be used. Foul balls do not count as a miss. 

5.        All pitching will be done by the coach of the team batting.

6.        A single player pitcher should be used when a coach is pitching. The player pitcher must be in the mound area even when not pitching. Maintain a clear line of site for this player with the batter for safety purposes.

7.        If an out is made on a batter the batter will go back to the bench. If there are runners on base with two outs and the third out is made, the base runners will return to the bench and a new set of outs will be given to the batting team provided there are more players left to bat. 

8.        If each team has more than 8 players, it is recommended that the teams alternate hitting after every 4/5 batters to help keep the players interest.

9.        There are no strikeouts or walks.

10.     There is no: bunting, stealing, infield fly rule or tagging up.

11.     Sliding is permitted. Proper techniques should be stressed and practiced.

12.     Runners and batter may advance one base only. No advance on an overthrow. The ball is dead when a reasonable attempt is made to throw the ball back to the pitcher. Having a child run at this level without understanding why is confusing for the runner and the fielders.


Teaching Objectives for players at this level should include:

1.        Understanding of the rules of the game 

2.        Introduction to fly balls

3.        Base running ( Making turns on balls hit pass the infield)

4.        Introduction to Catching

5.        Introduction to Pitching

6.        Sliding technique

7.        Understanding of balls and strike

8.        Introduction to umpiring

9.        Introduce “regulation” baseballs

Season Format

1.        15 Minute Warm-up

2.        Games are NOT Umpired

3.        Coaches should not be on the field

4.        Simulated game with 9 players in proper position (extras players can round out the outfield or perform extra drills.)

5.        Called balls and strikes – no walks or strikeouts

6.        Half innings consist of 3 outs or after everyone has batted once

7.        No advancing on an overthrow; No stealing bases.

8.        Players pitch – limited to 1 inning. After 4 balls or hit batsman, coach pitches to that batter up to 5 balls. After the hitting T will be used. Playerresumes pitching to next batter at coach’s discretion.

9.        All other rules of the game apply

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